We welcome equestrian small business owners from all backgrounds, whether you are a one man band or have employees. We appreciate that some business owners may have different fields of expertise, for example be a riding instructor as well as an accredited saddle fitter. Therefore, individuals may enter more than one category where relevant.


For the 2021 Equestrian Business Awards, the categories are as follows:

Online and offline tack shops, equestrian product suppliers and feed stores qualify for this category.


Open to freelance grooms and professionals working as grooms.


For businesses from competition yards to stud services, from equestrian photographers to rug repairers and everything in between.


Any livery yard registered as a business from grass livery to full and working livery are eligible for this award.

East Bolden Riding Centre

Open to all farriers registered with the Farriers' Registration Council. 

Open to riding schools of all sizes and locations.

-Riding schools must hold a local authority licence.

Instructors must be a BHS accredited coach.

Entrants must be registered with the BAEDT.

Acupuncture, McTimoney (chiropractic OR animal manipulators), massage therapist, equine body worker, osteopath and physiotherapist qualify for this award however they must hold relevant/current qualifications and be part of their respective governing bodies.

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For professionals who have helped to train and support horse to overcome specific behavioural and emotional barriers.

Transporters must hold the relevant legal certificates, insurance and authorisations.

For equestrian event venues of all sizes and types from clinic venues to cross country to polo. 

Nominees must be an RCVS Accredited Practice.