Three Reasons Why Equestrians Need The Snaffle App

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Keeping horses can be stressful at times, especially when there are so many appointments and key dates in the calendar to keep track of, as well as daily routines, exercise plans and feeding regimes to manage.

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If your horse has more than one care giver due to being shared or on a livery yard, it can be tricky to ensure that continuity of care is seamless. This can lead to strained relationships between owner and sharer or client and business owner.

Created by horse owner, Jennifer Williams, and Rich Pilsbury to address these issues, find out three ways The Snaffle App benefits not only horses and their owners but also a variety of equestrian businesses and professionals, giving peace of mind for all involved.

1. Keeping you organised and reduce anxiety

As horse owners, we know all too well that there is a whole smorgasbord of important appointments and key dates to remember. From farrier visits and vaccinations to saddle fittings, physiotherapist appointments, sheath cleaning appointments and more, The Snaffle App reminds you when these are due as well as of when current appointments are. You have complete control over when it reminds you, be it the day before or a week before. You can also record your horse's exercise plan, rehabilitation plan, medical treatment plan as well as your personal goals.

The Snaffle App can assist those who experience a disability or mental health condition ranging from Short Term Memory issues to anxiety, depression or neurological problems and more. The stress of having to juggle remembering appointments alongside the daily routine of having horses can lead to crippling anxiety to the point of it severely affecting mental well-being and reducing the therapeutic enjoyment of owning horses. Thanks to The Snaffle App, you can gain control of anxiety as the app will remind you about upcoming appointments. Furthermore, by sharing your horse's profile with yard owners or other care givers, you can update instructions for your horse's care on a day to day basis. This means that on days where you are unable to make it to the yard as a result of a disability or illness, you can still feel connected to your horse by easily communicating care choices and routine for that day.

2. Instantly share your horse's care information for free

The Snaffle App is the smarter way to communicate, allowing you to instantly share your horse's profile with your yard owner, groom, loaner or sharer. This allows you to notify them straight away of any changes - whether you would like their rug on or off that day or to pop a feed in as you can't make it to the yard that night. After all, being #thebusyequestrian juggling your equestrian lifestyle with work and family commitments, sometimes life can throw unexpected challenges and we can't be everywhere at once.

This is especially true in light of the pandemic and being notified to self-isolate by the Track and Trace system. The Snaffle App minimises stress caused by this since horse owners can share their horse's complete routine with the person providing emergency care - no more writing out instructions, worrying that you have forgotten to include something! This situation is what inspired Jennifer and Rich to create the app, having been notified to isolate during the pandemic.

3. Helping you to manage your business and give peace of mind

Do you own an equestrian business? Perhaps you are a freelance groom, run a livery yard, rehabilitation yard, training yard or are a breeder?

The Snaffle App can help you to keep on top of each horse's care including exercise regime and medical details as well as promoting clearer communication between client and business owner - all by simply sharing their individual profile for free. When their routine is updated, anyone who has access to that profile is automatically notified so you or your staff know exactly what any unforeseen arrangements are for the day such as a turning out or whether the owner would like their horse rugged or not. The Snaffle App fosters professional working relationships, preventing any miscommunication. It removes the stress of not knowing whether the correct decision was made about a horse's care which can create unnecessary tension and animosity at the yard.

Similarly, it gives peace of mind for those whose horses have a strict rehabilitation or medical plan as it ensures that everyone knows the expectations and routine.

An added benefit is that it makes GDPR compliance easier to manage. Rather than keeping paper records, clients' data is stored securely on the app. Should a client ever leave, the app can simply be deleted, removing their data, meaning that business owners do not need to spend time shredding clients' details.

Case Study

Herefordshire based Daniel Bridges runs two award-winning nursing homes. Alongside this, he is a breeder using his two Show Jumping mares and international Grand Prix stallions with elite bloodlines. His aim is to ensure that the equestrian market has quality British bred foals with world-class bloodlines.

The Snaffle App has not only assisted him with the day to day management of his yard but he has also used the app in an extremely clever way. When his horses move on to their new homes, their profile moves with them and transfers across to their new owner including details of when their vaccinations are due, feeding regime and daily routine. This enables the horses to have complete continuity of care and gives Daniel the peace of mind that his horses should receive the same care he has put into place, reducing stress that a sudden change in routine or feed can cause. It also gives new owners a reference point for which feeds have worked well for the horse and which routine works best as well as appointment reminders.

The Smarter Way to Communicate

The Snaffle App has endless benefits for anyone involved in the care of a horse from sharers to equestrian professionals to business owners. It is completely free to download and instantly share your horse's profile minimising unnecessary stress that caring for horses can sometimes bring.

Check out The Snaffle App's website, Facebook and Instagram for updates and developments and to find out more about how it can benefit you and your horse.

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