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Founder of The Equestrian Business Awards

Katy first started riding at the age of 11 and got her first pony, a cheeky, little welsh named Lolly, when she was 14 who further fostered her love of horses. Katy was working in her local tack shop when she noticed how there was no way of publicly acknowledging  the hard work that small equestrian businesses, sole traders, and professionals do and so the idea of the awards began.
Going in a completely different direction, Katy worked with adults who had special needs before eventually training to be a primary school teacher. When the pandemic began and the world was plunged into the unknown, she was inspired by how the equestrian community had pulled together to help one another. Katy felt strongly about providing a platform for equestrian businesses to be celebrated and recognised as well as to boost morale and promote businesses in any way she could, so The Equestrian Business Awards sprang to life! Katy is also the founder of Equinnect - an equestrian business directory in which all members are strictly vetted and must agree to maintaining the highest standards of equestrian welfare. The platform allows members to blog, share videos and photos, communicate with other members, receive reviews and gain new clients. It also gives prospective clients peace of mind that the professional they are choosing adheres to Equinnect's high standards and has been independently verified.

Katy is also interested in business development, marketing and sustainability. She also works as a primary school teacher on a military base alongside running The Equestrian Business Awards and Equinnect. 

She is married with two small children, a Norwegian Fjord horse and a Dartmoor pony. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and pre-pandemic, regularly backpacked across Asia with her young family. 

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