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Since its launch in 2021, The Equestrian Business Awards, it's finalists, winners and sponsors have  been the subject of numerous articles, news items on the television, newsletters, social media announcements from regulatory bodies and podcasts. Here are just a few of the media sources we have featured. 

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We are proud to say that The Equestrian Business Awards and their 2021 winners were the focus in an article in the most prestigious and well known equestrian magazine, The Horse & Hound. Click to read the article and find out what they thought.

Furthermore, our 2022 winner of Retailer of the Year, sponsored by Equilibrium Products, Equisign Tack and Feed, also featured in the Horse & Hound as a result of her achievement with the award. Click here to read the article.


Our Saddle Fitter of the Year 2022, Poppy Webber of PeeWee Saddlery, featured in Your Horse Magazine, discussing her passion for saddle fitting and educating others through her social media platforms. Check out the article here.


The incredibly inspiring Rachael Robinson of R.Robinson Art is the winner of Equine Service of the Year 2022. She featured in Your Horse Magazine, detailing how fantastic venture saved her life.  Check out the article here.


East Boldon Riding Centre, winners of Riding School of the Year 2022, hit the news headlines with the story about their success of winning the award! Watch it here.


After the huge success of the awards event, The Equestrian Business Awards and their winners were featured in Pony Mag along with our Riding School of the Year 2021 winners, Team Tutsham Charitable Trust and the award category sponsors, The Equestrian Business Consultant. Click here to read the article.


In September 2021, The Equestrian Business Awards featured heavily in Equestrian Life Magazine. A full page feature introduced the awards and the concept behind them. One of our Groom of the Year finalists, Emma Teagle, of Lodge Farm Equestrian was part of a double page spread about being nominated for the awards. Finally, RS Equine, a second finalist for Groom of the Year, gave her top grooming tips for Winter. 

This year saw the launch of the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Clare Balding. The winner, Tess Hardy MBE, was the inspiration behind the award due to her service to the equestrian industry and local community. Read all about her achievements here.

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Rider Guider, our finalists for Equine Tech of the Year sponsored by Equestrian Brands, were winners of the Theo Paphitis Small Business Network in March 2022. Rider Guider is a game changing app, which is free to download. Find out about their journey and achievements in this article by Yorkshire Live.


Our finalist for Instructor of the Year 2022, Jane Weatherell of Dubs Equestrian, featured in Myercough College's newsletter, celebrating her success! Read it here.

In June 2021 and October 2021, we were featured in the Equestrian Trade News, celebrating the finalists and announcing the winners of the inaugural year of The Equestrian Business Awards. 

"We like what you do" - Retailers and Saddle Fitters amongst those nominated for awards by the horsey public.

Saddle Fitter and Retailer take the Honours

Cat Dacthler Back in the Saddle

In August 2021, one of our Equine Therapist of the Year finalists, Cat Dacthler of Back in the Saddle, was featured in and the Suffolk Free Press newspaper. She discusses her achievements and the impact that the pandemic has had on her industry. Read more here.

TheHorseFeedUK Podcast

We are delighted to feature on episode 25 of TheHorseFeedUK podcast alongside the founders of HorseFest UK. TheHorseFeedUK is the UK's leading equestrian community podcast which talks all things horsey from rider reviews, tips and advice, interviews with equestrian businesses as well as the latest gossip in the equestrian world. 


In this episode, Katy Wright, founder of The Equestrian Business Awards discusses her vision of celebrating equestrian excellence while supporting and promoting small equestrian businesses in these tricky times. 

Our Groom of the Year 2021 sponsor, Pommel feature on episode 23 where their founder, Gina, speaks all about the newest cruelty free horse product range to hit the UK market.

Subscribe to TheHorseFeedUK podcast so you don't miss out on the latest news, events, interviews, reviews and training tips! 

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